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The Traveling Palate Presents
Food Tastings From Around The World

Where? At Kiva Café!
139 Reade Street
(Between Hudson & Greenwich Street)
1/2/3/A/C Trains to Chambers Street (Reade is a block north) 

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What is the Traveling Palate, and how did it begin?
"How often are you curious about striking up a conversation with the people
sitting right next to you in a restaurant, but you just don't know how to approach them?
At the Traveling Palate it's easy, and a great way to try different cuisines at the same time!"
—Dafna, Traveling Palate Guest

As a native New Yorker, Jennifer knows how much people in this big city love to try new
and exotic foods. But what she found often missing was the means to really meet and
have a good conversation with someone you didn't know while out in a restaurant.
"I came up with the idea of the Traveling Palate as a way of combining my love for travel,
food, and culture," says Jennifer, with the desire to meet new and interesting people.

In 2004, Jennifer joined forces with her good friend Beebe, owner and designer of
Tribeca's Kiva Café, where the two of them have been serving up delicious dishes from
all over the world ever since. In Kiva's intimate setting, guests can easily mingle, network,
and socialize in a friendly atmosphere, while dining on delicious and unusual tastes that
they might not find in one restaurant alone (even in New York). Indeed, no cuisine is
too exotic for the two of them: "We've done Nigerian, Hungarian, Australian, Ethiopian,
Brazilian, Syrian, Turkish, and even one called 'The Stans,' sharing tastes from
Paskistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Last year a former Traveling Palate guest
from Denmark returned as a guest chef to share Danish cooking.
Next we're traveling to Georgia—as in the 'Republic of'—not the state!" smiles Beebe.

So sign up for the Traveling Palate, and let Jennifer and Beebe be your tour guides.
It's an affordable and convenient way to travel right in the neighborhood, where you can learn
about a new culture and cuisine, and who knows? You m

(Oh— and don't forget to bring your passport!)